​Dance Away Sadness: Move Beyond Your Grief is a grief support technique that uses free style dancing to help us let our feelings flow and move us through and beyond your grief and feel more peaceful.

Dancing freely allows us to express ourselves in a way that words cannot. Dancing in which we are free to move as we feel can open up the energy centers in our bodies. The flowing energy helps us get in touch with our bodies and deepest emotions, explore our grief and heal our invisible wound.  As Dr. Joe Dispenza said in his TED Talks, experiences change our internal chemical state. This implies that our experiences affect us on our cellular level. When we move, we change our cells and internal chemical state. This is why movement, any movement, is a very effective way to change our feelings and help us move beyond our sadness, to allow us to feel better.  Being able to move as our body and heart feel like to allow us to be at ease and to not worry about doing things right or wrong.  And when we are grieving, there is no right or wrong.  Our feeling is not right or wrong.   What's right is what feels right to you.   

Many scholars have reported music also has similar effect on our biochemical.   When we combine unrestrictive movement with music, such as in free-style dancing, we amplify the benefit of doing each separately.   We recover from our grief easier and faster utilizing both music and free movement at the same time.   This is why free style dancing is very effective in helping us move beyond our grief and heal our invisible wound.   This is something I personally have experienced the healing power of dance first hand, and more than once.

Here's one sample clip of how free style dancing to help you heal your grief.

"Birgitte has a gift in selecting music and using words.  I could feel with each song, a healing in my body that ihave never experienced before." Kathryn.

"Thank you. It was healing for me to be dancing through sadness and grief,  particularly during the early time after my wife passed.  Thank you for creating those moments." Den A.